Antique Bokhara Rug

Bokhara rug is a type of Turcoman wool mat that is made with special equipment and designs. Bukhara carpets made by different tribes of Central Asia. Other Turcoman rugs are mistakenly called Bokhara because they have similar patterns. Bokhara is a runner with non-slip rubber backing and orientations inspired bochara. Bokhara is available in three […]

Gray Rug for Bedroom

Gray rug – Gray is a pleasing color, because it is neutral and coordinates well with the colors in the spectrum. Whether your rug is light or dark gray, you work with a color that can help you create an enjoyable atmosphere in your home. Choose a color scheme that matches the color of your […]

Floral Green Rug

Green rug – Conventional rugs have in the past few years, got a bad rap due to the materials used in the manufacturing process, difficulty in recycling it, and the harmful chemicals that can emit into your home. However, green rugs options are available on the market today, which is both attractive and functional. When […]

Amazing Mohawk Rugs

Mohawk rugs – You do not only choose between carpet designs that already exist. Here are all opportunities to influence the design. It is possible even to combine several different designs and choose just the shape, the pattern or the material you want. You can even bring a photo that will be printed on the […]

Elegant Momeni Rugs

Momeni rugs – You have the opportunity to decorate your living room with the most wonderful carpets, specially chosen to add new dimensions to the home. There are blankets of all kinds, which offer us the opportunity to influence your home. You can choose rugs that are contemporary, modern and oriental. Momeni rugs have modern […]

Awsome Colorful Rugs

Colorful rugs – If the kids would like that there was something new in their rooms, so it may be a good idea to buy some children’s rugs to the floor. A carpet can give a whole new look and get the room to look very different. A colorful rugs can be great idea if you have […]

Beautyful Contemporary Rugs

The first homemade contemporary rugs is Modern Persian; Many modern Persian or Iranian carpets are still produced using ancient weaving techniques, patterns and naturally derived pigments, but still there are new designs. These rugs can take years for the production, depending on the art and are usually made of wool and cotton. Contemporary Iranian homes […]

Best Cool Rugs

Cool rugs – Making your own quilts of string, yarn, department, line or strips of recycled fabric simple and satisfying project. For the novice crater hook is a popular method of converting character string or the like substances into tissue and carpets. Hand-crocheted blankets can be made in any size or shape. Because other shapes […]

Diy Rug Braided

Diy rug – When new installed in a large room, you will probably need to seam two sections of rug together. This may seem like a daunting task, and hire your instinct may be a professional rug layer to do the job. But you’d be surprised how easy it is to get a professional looking […]

Blue Gabbeh Rugs

Gabbeh rugs – are a lesser-known variation of Persian carpets, though they are just as beautiful as the detailed Persian carpets, which many people are familiar with. Gabbeh, which is pronounced “gah-BAY, ‘according to Emmett Eland Oriental rug company refers to the length of the carpet pile in this style of Persian rug. These simple-patterned […]