Aqua Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Indoor outdoor rugs – Comfortable house should not be limited to the interior. Exterior home is just as important and how comfortable you will enjoy much more. This is where indoor outdoor rugs come. You can also use other types of rug in your home as well as outdoors. They are ideal outdoors during the […]

Best Overdyed Rugs

Overdyed rugs – Overdyed rugs is a necessity for many homeowners. To enter one of these rugs claims in the interior of your home, or already have one but want to add to the atmosphere of the rich rugs provide buy another, there are some things that need to be vigilant when purchasing one of […]

Home Outdoor Patio Rugs

Are so many styles of decoration should pay attention to environment. Basic recommendation is to choose outdoor patio rugs of similar color to your home or items that are on terrace, so that is integrated as part of whole. Look at your terrace. What are predominant tones? If sober, you can play with a colorful […]

Best Outdoor Rugs for Patios

Outdoor rugs for patios – This season the rugs will leave the house to generate looks never before seen in our terraces. It seems very simple, but you will be impressed how you can dress and change the single space with a carpet. Even serves to easily renew the aesthetics of an abused or old […]

Beauty Oval Rugs

Oval rugs – carpet in each house may become a necessary accessory. It will provide a new home construction wherever located. There are various shapes and sizes, various carpet and oval rugs is one of them. Oval carpet there are many things that can be done at home that can be added to an existing […]

Beauty Patio Rugs

Patio rugs – Sit on the beautiful porch or patio can be a fun place. But our patio furniture, pillows, pots, hell and grill sitting outside in the warmer months, sometimes even during the year can be sure of hitting. Rusty or moldy from moisture dew, ice or rain or disappear completely no color left […]

Oriental Persian Rugs

Persian rugs – Welcome to land of Aladdin. Ancient Persian Empire left a long legacy in culture and architecture, for example, but also were a love of luxury and design, and rugs are a grand example. They are indicative of class, aristocracy. Carpets of intricate designs, soft tissue and encouraging lying on them before fire. […]

Red Rug Antique

Red rug – we all know that red carpets represent royalty and nobility, perhaps this is what intimidates many people and do not dare to make them part of your home decor. If we go back to the early history of the red rug, we may discover that it was the result of a female […]

Dark Purple Rugs

Seeking purple rugs? Color purple has a palette with a range of surprising and inspiring tones. Temper dramatic tone of rugs purple with a muted color wall. Conversely, make a statement with unexpected colors that complement purple. Sign on your interior – modern, high – tech country – carpet – color ideas. Discover your sense […]

Beautyful Square Rugs

Square rugs –  simple rule to placing furniture on rectangular or square rugs, the furniture feels well located and fit the carpet and the room. It’s’ 4-2 ingen’ rule. Either you have four legs on the rug, two legs, or no. Never set three legs on the carpet, and never one – it can namely […]